VideoScript is a powerful tool which harnesses the multimedia capabilities of QuickTime to provide, for the first time, an integrated easy-to-use environment for working with digital video in real-time. VideoScript, aimed at security systems providers and multimedia professionals, breaks new ground by integrating the capture, analysis and output of video data, "turning video data into digital information."

Powerful VideoScript language makes quick work of video & image processing tasks. 
Plug-Ins allow third party vendors to write VideoScript functions.
VideoScript Professional ships with three plug-ins: 
Find - For locating and tracking objects in images. 
Transform - For stretching, scaling, rotating and shearing frames and images. 
Fractal - For when that creative moment strikes. 
Draw - Place graphics & text over frames. 
Convolution - Sharpen, blur, detect edges, remove noise (median filter), and arbitrary convolutions. 
Movie - Export movies, flatten them. You can batch export an entire directory. 
Scriptable, you can control VideoScript from other applications using AppleScript. 
Multiple simultaneous processes. 
System Requirements
Windows 95/98/NT4, or Mac OS 7.6 or later 
Pentium or PowerPC processor (G3 recommended) 
24 MB of RAM (64 MB recommended) 
20 MB of Hard Drive Space required (40 MB free space recommended). 
QuickTime 4.0 or later. 

Many versions are available.  To download a copy, please visit the publishers website here.

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