Please check out the Arkaos online demo!       If you buy Arkaos VJ 3.0, tell them referred you, then email me the confirmation # for your purchase, and I will send you a free pack of VJ Loop CDR's!

Brief Overview


Arkaos Visualizer is a free visual player that lets you run graphical/effect videos through your MP3 player.  It has a beat-matching AI that fuses images and 3-D effects with the percussion & bass-lines of MP3, .WAV & .AIFF files.  


Arkaos VMP and the more professional MIDI & digital video capable VJ version are multimedia authoring and editing tools very suited towards live performance.  

Detailed Specifications of Arkaos VJ 3.0


With the launch of ArKaos's new version of its well-known VJ software, ArKaos VJ 3.0, the creation of real-time and recorded visuals is now even simpler. ArKaos VJ 3.0 is a real-time multimedia program, offering an innovative way to edit and manipulate a visual performance while it is running - something that has not been possible before.

Each of the effects has changeable parameters, allowing infinite customization of each effect. The application supports full MIDI suites, both on-screen and off-screen, as well as such music authoring applications as Cubase™. It is equally at home on MAC’s and PC’s and can be learned in minutes, with drag&drop and key-punch functionality at all levels.

Version 3.0 is using a powerful automatic beat-matching technology, and allows effects multi-layering and chaining as well as MIDI latch on/off for live performance. Its an ideal performing tool with customizable effects and flexible control with the double monitoring management.

ArKaos VJ and VMP are fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 and Windows XP.

The new version of ArKaos VJ is available from

The upgrade is free and the new features are :
- User-friendly new ‘drag & drop’ interface skin
- 5 new effects
- Resizable windows (include preview)
- Direct access to beat detection and full screen mode
- Better access for file import
- Code Optimization for Motorola G4 and Intel P4 processors
- Windows XP et Mac OSX full optimized
- 5 languages installers
- New contextual help
- Updated content and samples
- PDF manual
And of course many bug fixes under OS 9, X and Windows

Here’s how it works….

- Import images, QuickTimeTM movies or grab live signal.
- Drag and drop the item onto the virtual computer or MIDI keyboard.
- Select the required visual effects from the window.
- Drag and drop the effects onto the keyboard.
- Record your live performance, or let the beat matching artificial intelligence take care of it for you!

System Requirements

PC        MAC
- OS: Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT4/2000
- Processor: Pentium® 100; Pentium® II MMX recommended
- RAM: 32MB; 128MB recommended
- MP3 Player: Winamp, Windows Media Player 7, RealJukeBox 2
- Movie Player: QuickTime 4.x, 5.x recommended
Free Space: 20MB - 100MB depending on the installer options
OS: Mac OS 9.0 and up (PowerPC only)
- RAM: 32MB; 128MB recommended
- Processor: 601/100Mhz; G3 recommended
- MP3 Player: SoundJam, iTunes, Audion
- Movie Player: QuickTime 4.x, 5.x recommended
Free Space: 20MB - 100MB depending on the installer options


Cost approx $350 USD equiv.



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