Some of the features:

-XYNth blasts through hundreds of 3D scenes and dozens of 2D overlays with zero-wait
-Real-time video texturing at high refresh rates. On-the-fly Video sampling and looping.
-OpenGL rendering pipeline.
-Proprietary visual synthesis technology produces limitless variety from just a handful of 
 assets in mere seconds. Create 100 XYNth patches in a day
-Parallel rendering technology allows multiple machines to be slaved or controlled remotely.
  Instantly reconfigure, on the fly
-Modest system requirements: a low-end gForce2 MX-400 64MB graphics card and 
 1Ghz CPU will suffice.
-Never crashes :)
Xynth was written by Marc McCall / ‘VJ Eniac

In the works:

-MIDI control
-Audio integration
-Particle synthesizer

Please visit for more information.

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