Zuma is a new 3d Real-time Visualizer apparently for music and meditation. They publishers want you to enjoy and re-create your own Interactive Music Videos that respond to the music of your favorite mp3's and cd's in real-time, automatically. You can even Jam-along Visually with the music in full 3d with real-time mouse and keyboard effects. You will have dozens of cool scenes, models and textures to get you started. With Zuma's real-time Power Editing capablities you will be able to make your own unique creations. With Zuma you are the Director of your own cool 3d MTV like Music Videos. Get into your music like never before. Amaze your friends and yourself.


Here's the Feature List - Taken from Zuma's website:

Automatic audio-driven music visualizations. Experience and create wildly entertaining, deeply moving, interactive 3D Music Videos that automatically responds to your favorite MP3 and CD music in real-time.

Jam along to the music with tons of interactive "Hot Keys" and "Magic Sliders" that completely transform the scene in real time to your every gesture. But don't worry, your gestures always add into the automatic music visualization effects in a non-destructive way so they blend harmoniously in with the music. You can do no wrong. Zuma lets you become a real time 3D VJ that doesn't drop a beat. Amaze your friends.

Create your own "3D MTV"-like Music Videos for your band or just for the fun of it. Comes with a built in library of over 64 scenes complete with models and textures to start with that you can easily edit and customize for your own songs to create completely new scenes. Any and all of your changes are savable with a simple click of the mouse.

Utilizing the free WildTangent Compressor utility you can bring in your own images (jpgs and pngs) and 3d models (Microsoft Direct 3D objects). Just drop them into your texture or model libraries. Put a picture of your band, your girlfriend or yourself into the scene. And with the growing popularity of free 3d Model web libraries you can add just about anything into your Zuma eMovie. You are both Producer and Director.

You can organize your custom scenes into banks of easily selectable scenes for "on the fly cuts" to match up song changes or even individual song transitions. Or if you prefer use our "Auto Scene Timer" feature to automatically step thru the entire bank of scenes at whatever pace you select. You can also use banks to organize your scenes by themes such as Rave, Dance, Meditation, etc. You choose.

You have full 3D control of the navigation of the Virtual Camera in your 3D Music Video scene. Frame the scenes "your way". Again, you are the Director, you decide. Built In DeepEdit Mode that allows you tons more customization and editing choices than Lava, totally recreate the scene in your our style. In the DeepEdit mode virtually every parameter of the scene is available for your real time customizing even while it is responding to the music in real time. Zuma represents "The Ultimate Creative Artists Authoring Environment". Jam and Create! Create and Jam!

With the addition of the also freely available WildTangent Game Driver SDK that extends our native Wildtangent Web Driver support you can greatly enrich your professional customization options to include the import of entire 3D Studio Max scenes. 3D Characters and models even with their attached animations or even entire Wildtangent levels with all their animations can be brought into Zuma. Try to do that in Lava, you won't have much luck.

Complete Full Screen Mode with no distracting boarders for rich in your face high-resolution graphics at, in many cases, better than film frame rates for smooth flowing music animations. Full 32-bit Color support as opposed to Lava's 16-bit for visually rich scenes with multiple levels of vibrant transparency. Support now for WinAmp, Sonique or Ultra Player audio players from a simple preference setting as opposed to Lava's current WinAmp only support.

Zuma includes fully editable Lights (brightness, color, position, etc) that can be animated to the music.

Full Midi support.

Complete time domain manipulation of all parameter envelopes driven by audio, animators, and keyboard for smooth professional "ADSR" (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) like effects.

An included, unique collection of special models that are not like most 3D Models which are just a dumb mesh of unrelated vertices. Instead, these are parametric models of mathematical formulas that represent pure polyhedral classes. These are classes that at the same time seem to be almost infinitely variable but yet also maintain a certain "Platonic Recursion" if you will. That recursive beauty is the pure math nature of these PlatonicModel Classes that makes them so lightweight and highly optimized for the demanding task of real time manipulation and music visualization over the Internet.

Extremely small file size. Which makes it ideal for sharing your latest 3D MTV like creation via email with your friends. Exchange textures and model resources with each other to build up and expand your libraries.

Even beyond music videos, you can use Zuma, with or without music, to create deeply powerful meditative spaces and truly beautiful 3D Art. Enjoy

There are no downloads available at this time.

Visit the publisher's website: here.

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