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About The Author “Andrew Hussey

My name is Andrew Hussey, and I’m a 32-year old music enthusiast. I’ve been into music ever since I was a 5-year old and started making sounds on my xylophone and toy piano.

I haven’t lost my passion for music as I grew older. So I got into the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, where I learned so much more about music production, and my passion only grew deeper.

And one of the most important things I’ve learned was that quality equipment is essential when it comes to creating quality music.

So I’ve decided to start my site where I share and discuss all my knowledge, as well as learn from other fellow musicians.

About AudioVisualizers

I want to make AudioVisualizers and online music hub. Anything related to music and music production will be discussed in full detail.

From tiny earbuds, headphones, and speakers, to full sound systems and instruments.

Here, you’ll find informative articles that explain the basics of everything, the how-to articles, and all the explanations to your burning music questions.

You can also find buying guides that compare certain products by identifying their pros and cons and giving you recommendations depending on your needs or the specs you’re looking for.

Most importantly, this community will help you gather more knowledge regarding music and, consequently, enjoy the beauty of it on a deeper level.