How to Clean Headphones?

How to Clean Headphones?
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    Is the sound of your headphones beginning to decrease?

    Before deciding to replace them with new ones which will cost you a lot of money, you should consider the fact that your headphones are just dirty.

    So what are the best methods of cleaning your headphones without damaging them?

    Throughout this article, we will further explore the best methods of cleaning your headphones to make them sound brand new.

    What Causes The Sound to Decrease?

    If you take a look at the inside of your headphones, you might be grossed out, and you will find dust, grease, and clogged ear wax. They are the result of not cleaning your headphones regularly. We always wash our clothes and bathe ourselves after a workout, but we never clean our headphones, which results in all these nasty stuff being inside them.

    The first thing that we should know is that there are two categories of headphones. The first is headphones, which are large over-ear headphones such as the original Beats. The second type is earphones, which are ear pods non-in-ear such as the Airpods. We will talk about cleaning each one of them separately.

    Cleaning Your Headphones

    You need to be extremely delicate when cleaning your headphones as they contain many parts such as the leather or the foam earpads that can be easily torn. There are some things that you will need to clean your headphones, such as cloth, alcohol, and some Q-tips.

    You should start by removing the external headphones and wiping them down with the cloth and then leaving them to dry, then you should wipe the external headphones using the cloth, but you should add some alcohol to the cloth. The following step is to use the Q-tip and dampen it with alcohol to clean all the nooks and crevices of your headphones. You should finally put a tiny amount of alcohol on the foam mesh and rub both sides as rubbing will help kill the bacteria. Leave your headphones to dry, and you are good to go.

    Cleaning Your Earphones

    You also need to be delicate when cleaning them to avoid damaging them, and you will also need the same things that we used to clean the headphones with the additions of a small toothbrush and some Blu-tack. However, two parts will be cleaned separately, which are the driver unit and the ear tips.

    The Driver Unit

    It is the most crucial part of the earphone as it is inserted into your ear, and it is where the sound is created.

    To clean your driver unit, you will need to hold the mesh side facing downwards, then use a dry toothbrush to brush the wire very delicately to remove anything that is stuck, such as ear wax or dirt. A quick tip would be to gently tap the other side of your earphones (non-mesh side) to knock any dust or debris that is stuck inside. You should then use the Blu-tack to remove anything that is stuck to the wire mesh as the blue tack will leave your mesh clean and without anything stuck to it. The final step would be to put some alcohol on the cloth and go over the metal mesh and wires for the last time to completely clean them.

    The Ear Tips

    A Lot of earphones come with detachable ear tips that you can remove and replace them to change their size and color. Before starting to follow our cleaning guide, you need to make sure that your ear tips are silicone and water-proof. The first step is to remove the ear tips and soak them in soapy water or alcohol for five minutes; then, you should give them a good wipe and make sure that you do not contain any water or soap and leave them to dry before reattaching them and using them again.

    Smelly Headphones

    If you ever noticed that your headphones have a specific odor or smell to them that you don’t like. The reason behind this smell is moisture as it stains the ear pads and creates a bad smell. There are two solutions to solve this problem, and both of them are very easy to execute. The first is to put silica gel packets in the ear cups before putting your headphones in their containers as the gel beads inside the silica packets control the humidity by absorbing the moisture. The second solution would be to change the ear pads.

    Final Thoughts

    Finally, we can say that cleaning your headphones is very easy and straightforward and it will also save you lots of time and money.

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    How to Clean Headphones?
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