What Is the Safe Headphone’s Volume?

Now, if you want to enjoy listening to your favorite music for a longer time, you should readjust the volume to ensure it won’t cause hearing damage. Here is a number of tips to achieve that:

Monitor Safe Listening Levels on Your Phone

Most smartphones now support limiting the maximum volume to even lower levels than the defaults. What you should aim at is a volume between one-half and two-thirds maximum volume. 

Limit Time Spent in Noisy Activities

The period you should spend with your headphones on depends mainly on the decibel level; if you’re listening to something over 85 decibels, you cannot actually spend more than 15 minutes, but if the decibel level is below that, it’s generally safe to listen on for 8 hours.

However, it is generally advisable to have short listening breaks to reduce the exposure to noises and high volumes, and to stay away as far away as possible from the noise source.  

Keep the Volume down 

You’ll still hear your favorite music perfectly well even if you decrease the volume, and that’s when the next advice comes in handy. 

Choose Better Headphones! 

Here is what we mean by better headphones: noise-cancellation headphones. 

The problem is never that your headphones aren’t loud enough; the problem is that ambient sounds slip into the ear canal and thus interferes with the sounds from the headphones. 

This can be resolved by choosing a different type of headphones, and it is advisable to choose either an in-ear headphone or an over-the-ear headphone; they both cut down background noise and thus guarantee a better listening experience.

Limit Your Time Spent Using Your Personal Audio Devices

As indicated above, the permissible safe listening time is dependant upon the sound levels; the higher the latter, the lower the former should be.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is a cumulative disorder that results from overexposure to loud sounds and noises.

Hearing loss or hearing damage doesn’t occur overnight; it is a gradual process with no option of going back. Once it is lost, it can never be restored. 

The good news is that it is never too late to prevent future damage. Adopting as many of the strategies above will surely help. 

Final Thoughts

Hearing is a precious gift that significantly affects your educational, professional, and communicative performances, so the next time you nonchalantly crank the volume up, consider the amount of harm you’re signing up for.